What would your life look like...

If you weren't negatively affected by fibroids?

Who would you BE

if you weren't in a war

with your womb?

What would your life look like if your hormones were in balance? 

  • Where would you live? 
  • What kind of work would you do?
  • What kind of relationships would you have?
  • What hobbies would you like to have?
  • Where would you travel?

There’s a saying that as things are in the natural, they’re also in the spirit.

Fibroids (and other reproductive health challenges) can not only rob us of our PHYSICAL energy if left untreated, but they can also rob us of fulfilling God’s original plan for our lives.

Fibroids can rob us of pursuing our hopes, dreams, and desires. Fibroids can rob us of making Divine Connections and Relationships.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! 

Imagine if:

  • Your periods were light and easy, instead of heavy and painful
  • Your stomach was flat, instead of looking pregnant
  • You had the energy and stamina to get up and go for the entire day, WITHOUT drinking caffeine or eating sugary snacks – instead of waking up exhausted and feeling run down
  • Shortly after waking up, you were able to have a bowel movement and continued having them with ease after meals, instead of feeling bloated and constipated for days
  • You had pleasurable intimate experiences with your husband, instead of vaginal dryness and discomfort
  • You were able to get pregnant and enjoy your pregnancy
  • You had confidence and zest for life, regardless of what challenges come your way, instead of being on an emotional roller coaster, feeling like a victim of your body and circumstances
  • And so much more!

In order to win the war against against your womb,

you must win the battle against food addiction.

If God can help ME

Chelsea Knutsen

a woman who grew up in the hood, eating Captain Crunch Berries for breakfast… Only to continue binging and comforting myself through junky, processed food.

If He can lead me through the holistic journey that helped me go from being extremely overweight, large fibroids, PCOS, losing my hair, and a host of issues, while also bleeding my guts out without any energy to do anything… to being full of energy, healthy and having thick, healthy hair. (Look at my YouTube channel history to see documented proof!)

If He can help me go from HATING SALAD and many healthy foods… to now living a CLEAN, healthy life where I crave healing foods.

If He can help me walk in freedom from a host of reproductive issues, and helping other women do the same...

You CAN do it too!

I’ve seen a common thread in my years of helping women heal:

once your health improves, OTHER areas of your life improve too!

If you’ve followed me over the past few years, you may have heard of my 90 Day Walk to Fibroid Freedom Group Coaching Program. It was an intense 12-week process.

Several women rejoined that program MULTIPLE times. Many experienced healings, breakthroughs, and life-changing transformations. Yet, as I was praying at the end of 2022 about what I should be doing in 2023, I felt in my heart that I should run this program one more time in January of 2023.

Since then, I have officially retired the 90-Day Program.🥲

After much prayer and conversations, the idea of doing a workshop came to the forefront.

I’ll be honest: at first I didn’t think it was possible to simplify what I’ve taught over a 3-month process into a workshop that can happen in a day! But the more we thought about it, we came up with a solution: the Fibroid Detox Workshop™.

The Fibroid Detox Workshop™ is an ON-DEMAND replay of the live, interactive full-day workshop.

When You Join This Workshop, You'll Receive:

A digital workbook to guide you through the sessions
and take notes on
2 videos sessions with over 8.5 hours of practical information you can watch at your own pace

Video 1: Sessions 1-4 and Video 2: Sessions 5-10

In these two videos, you'll experience:
  • The 5-part Fibroid Detox Framework™
  • The importance of establishing WHY you are on this healing journey. (Your workbook will be your guide through this exercise!)
  • The Nourish and Detox phases of the framework. We’ll unpack:
  • What foods to avoid that cause fibroids to grow
  • Detox methods that will create the right environment for your body to heal
  • What foods, herbs and teas can help detox your body and nourish you back to health
  • And more!

Question and answer session

Prayer session

The Fibroid Detox Workshop Overview

Sessions 1-2


Sessions 3-4


Sessions 5-8


Session 9


Session 10


In Video 1 of the Workshop, Chelsea:

Sessions 1-2:
Begins with a prayer. (Session 1)
Goes into a deeper dive into the 5-Part Framework.
This workshop focuses on 3 out of the 5 elements of the framework.
(Session 2)
Guides you through a powerful vision exercise, which includes a digital workbook to fill in your responses. This is a major key to staying on track with your goals as you embark on your healing journey. (Session 2)
Does her first live coaching session with Rosa.
Rosa wants to scale her business but lacks the confidence to expand due to physical & mental limitations. See the questions Chelsea asks her to break her free from these beliefs. You’ll be able to use these questions to unpack your challenges & get unstuck. (Session 2)
Sessions 3-4:
Busts the protein-deficiency myth. Have you heard that living a plant-based lifestyle can cause you to be deficient in protein? Learn why this doesn’t apply to most women with fibroids who are adopting this healing lifestyle. You’ll also learn which foods can help you avoid this deficiency. (Session 3)
Shares the most important aspect of your healing journey.
It’s probably not what you think!
(Session 4)
Emphasizes the need to break the binging cycle.
Learning how to do this will keep you off of the yo-yo behavior between eating to live and living to eat.
(Session 4)
Shares declarations to help you break agreement with your old lifestyle.
Declare these consistently and your life will change! (Session 4)
Session 4:
Teaches how to NOURISH your body back to health.
You’ll receive a “What To Eat” guideline to learn what foods to eat in unlimited and limited amounts. (Session 4)
SHOWS you examples of what your food should look like.
You’ll see delicious meals to inspire your renewed tastebuds. (Session 4)
Provides strategies to overcome digestive challenges.
Whether you have issues like IBS, Crohn's disease, celiac disease, or ulcerative colitis, you’ll learn why you can still eat raw foods. However, there’s way you need to do it to reduce the negative effects of the healing process. (Session 4)
Shows the parallels between Hezekiah’s answered prayer and this healing journey.
You may never look at this story the same! (Session 4)

It’s my life’s work to equip you with the knowledge you need to heal.

In Video 2 of the Workshop, You Will Learn:

Sessions 5-6
How to stop falling back into bad eating habits when around those who question or criticize your new healthy lifestyle choices.
During this second coaching session with another attendee, she unpacks the root cause of this behavior to help stop it for good. If you can relate to this challenge, this coaching session is for you! (Session 5)
The lymphatic system’s role in this healing journey.
If you can master a few of these techniques, you can speed up your healing journey. (Session 5)
The THREE things you need to do to cleanse your organs and glands.
These are the foundational pillars to help you stay on track with this lifestyle.
(Session 5)
How to keep going when you’re on the verge of quitting.
Regardless of how it feels, you’re not on this journey alone. You have Divine help available on demand at all times. Learn how the story of the paralytic man in John 5 applies to you. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been on this journey; today is a new day and you can still receive healing. (Session 5)
The What Chelsea Eats Detox Pyramid. There are all kinds of detox pyramids, but Chelsea’s is presented in this program to specifically target healing womb issues. (Session 6)
Sessions 6-8
The benefits of fasting.
Adding fasting to your protocol takes your cleansing and healing up a notch. Learn what fasting methodologies to use to help move your body safely into deeper healing. (Session 6)
How to properly do cellular detoxification.
Each level digs deeper into the lymphatic system for cellular detoxification. Learn which levels of cleansing produce which results, and how to effectively move up and down these levels depending on your goals. (Session 7)
The guideline for how to do an all-fruit cleanse.
Many people fail on fruit cleanses. Learn why, and how to avoid the mistakes that can cause it to blow up in your face. (Session 7)
Three detox methods that will give you the best bang for your buck.
There are many detox methods, but if you focus on consistently implementing these three, you can experience amazing results. (Session 8)
Sessions 8-10
An introduction to the herbal blends from Chelsea’s store which can speed up your healing journey.
You’ll also gain access to a bonus masterclass that takes this session to the next level. (Session 8)
The most important supplements needed for your healing journey.
All supplements are not created equal. Learn which ones Chelsea recommends and which ones to avoid. (Session 8)
Why you should stop getting your blood drawn all the time.
Learn what to tell your doctors whenever you need to do bloodwork to ensure you don’t lose more blood than necessary, or else you can sabotage your progress. (Session 8)
What are the best exercises for fibroids?
This is one of several questions asked during this question-and-answer session. You do not want to skip this session! (Session 9)
How to be empowered with spiritual weapons to claim your healing.
As you conclude this workshop with a powerful spirit-led prayer session, Chelsea responds to several prayer requests. Listen as she guides you through prayers for strength, renewed focus, stress, emotional healing, and more. Sit back and receive the love of God. (Session 10)

That's Not All! You'll Also Receive These Two (2) Bonuses:

Herbal Blends Masterclass

This masterclass teaches how I use herbs to help women shrink fibroids and other reproductive issues naturally. You will learn:

  • The 4 most common problem areas I get the most questions about in reproductive health
  • Which herbs you can use for these issues
63 Fibroid Detox Recipes
This digital eBook is filled with fibroid detox-friendly recipes to help you on your healing journey. It's divided into 5 categories:
  • Salads and Bowls
  • Dips and Dressings
  • Smoothies and Juices
  • Soup Bowls
  • Healthy Desserts

It doesn’t matter HOW MANY TIMES you’ve fallen on this journey, as long as you keep getting back up!

While I legally can’t make any guarantees or claims that what I teach you will cure or completely heal you of fibroids, I CAN promise you that there is a Great Physician who promises to heal you of all of your diseases.

He is the same one who says that if we have the faith of a mustard seed, we can move mountains; and if we speak to the mountains, they can be moved.

The Bible also says that faith WITHOUT works is dead.

Imagine that these fibroids and these womb issues are the current mountains in your life.

With prayer, faith, and action (a.k.a. “the WORKS”) you can change your life by adopting THIS way of life as your new lifestyle.

The Bible also says that we often perish because of a lack of knowledge. Sometimes we think of perishing as only being a literal death. But what if it was not just literal?

It’s time to stop allowing fibroids to abort your hopes and dreams.

You can revive and bring new life into those dreams! But YOU have to take the first step. You don’t have to constantly feel horrible, or keep bleeding your guts out. You don’t have to be drained of your energy.

It’s not too late to DO everything that God placed inside of you when He knit you in your mother’s womb.


I believe in you. If God can do it for me, He can do it for you. I’m praying you will believe in yourself enough to invest in your healing too.

These things may seem impossible right now,

but with God (and some new lifestyle changes)

ALL of these things ARE possible.

You CAN heal from fibroids! It may not be easy, and it may not be a quick process, but it CAN be done. 

You don’t have to do this alone.

You don’t have to spend ANY MORE countless hours researching and trying to piece together the information you’ve found online from multiple conflicting sources.

I want to teach you the PROVEN strategies (with countless testimonials) that can help YOU take the driver's seat of your healing journey.

If this is the information you’ve been praying for, take the next step and join us.

DETOX your body and NOURISH your way back to health, using FOOD, HERBS and GOD'S WORD as medicine.

Join the Fibroid Detox Workshop™ Today!

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“Every month since I was a teenager I have been at the emergency room because of excruciating menstrual pain.

But not this month! I was home!!! I didn’t even have to take narcotics for pain!!! Nothing short of a miracle!!!

I just can’t thank you enough Chelsea!”


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