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My Favorite Kitchen Tools


Salad Spinner

Food Processor

Food Dehydrator

Water Distiller

Cutting Board

Lemon Squeezer

Knife Set

Wide Mouth Mason Jar Lids

Salad Bowl

Titan Peeler

Sprouting Jars

Mason Jars

Strainer for Juice


Other Products I Love

Tribest is a healthy kitchen equipment company that specializes in making healthy living easy! They make high quality cold press juicers, sprouters, vacuum blenders, dehydrators, water machines, and kitchen tools for a healthy lifestyle. CLICK HERE

PuraDyme is the creator of high quality enzymes and probiotics. Enzymes are responsible for everything from delivering and digesting nutrients to removing toxins, purifying the blood and strengthening the immune system which is needed for healing womb issues. Probiotics, contribute to digestion and work to maintain a healthy intestinal tract, fight against the negative bacteria that reside in our intestines and are the root cause of many of the chronic ailments such as fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS, and infertility. If you need assistance with creating a personal woman's health healing protocol consider scheduling a one on one session with me by clicking HERE.

Upful Blends manufactures high quality alkaline herbal tea blends and supplements for the healing of the mind and body. They have excellent herbal blends and supplements for healing the womb. If you need assistance with creating a personal woman's health healing protocol consider scheduling a one on one session with me by clicking HERE.

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360 Cookware has a technology that allows for healthy vapor cooking, heating food faster and at lower temps. It locks in flavor and nutrients eliminating the need for added oils or fats. 360 Cookware is a Certified Green Manufacturer and is recognized by the EPA as a leading non-toxic choice in cookware. CLICK HERE

The best way to move your lymphatic system is by jumping on a mini trampoline. Regular training on the bellicon® mini trampoline has numerous positive effects on your entire body. Bouncing on this device not only effectively strengthens the cardiovascular system and all muscles, but also activates the metabolism of each cell. The moderate movement on the bellicon® also promotes the body's self-healing functions. The bellicon is a unique piece of equipment for healing the body. Click to learn more.

Sixthreezero is a great bike brand with quality bikes that perform well for various cyclists. They offer a wide range of cruiser bikes, hybrids, road bikes, and electric bikes for you to pick. CLICK HERE

Home Health Tests for Women's Health


Well your World offers plant-based condiments and spices that are 100% free of added salt, processed oil, and refined sugar. They believe the healthiest food is whole plant food! CLICK HERE

Sea moss is a type of seaweed or algae superfood that grows in the ocean. This amazing sea vegetable contains 92 of the 102 minerals our bodies need. It strengthens the immune system, detoxifies the body, increases energy levels, improves skin health and so much more. CLICK HERE

True Leaf Market Seed Company carries a huge selection of vegetable garden seeds, herb seeds & flower seeds, including heirloom, organic and asian seeds. They also carry specialty seeds including seeds for microgreens, sprouting, and wheatgrass that are excellent for your healing journey. They carry a large selection of growing supplies, growing kits & gift ideas for indoor gardening as well.

Pelvic Castor Oil Packs are a natural anti-inflammatory pain reliever that support the pelvic area and female reproductive organs from period problems, postpartum and the transition through menopause.

Organic helps nourish healthy lives with a line of minimally processed foods and organic ingredients made for exceptional quality and taste. An independent, family-owned company since 2000, we are committed to sharing wholesome food that is responsibly sourced and produced.

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Clean skincare and bodycare products that are formulated with seaweed because it’s a superfood rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. CLICK HERE to learn more.

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