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Cold Pressed Organic Coconut Oil | Virgin Unrefined


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This is my most favorite coconut oil.

This oil is an excellent, high-quality virgin unrefined coconut oil made by dehydrating the flesh of the coconut and then pressing out the oil. NOT ALL COCONUT OIL IS CREATED EQUAL.


This cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil is made like no other. It combines the cold pressing of freshly dried coconut flesh with centrifugation to remove fine proteins and clarify the oil. This is the process used to produce premium unrefined coconut oil:

  1. The fresh coconuts are opened and grated.
  2. The grated coconut is then dehydrated at low temperatures, drying the coconut into crisp flakes.
  3. These flakes are then “pressed” to yield a premium oil that contains many of the nutrients and flavors of the fresh coconut.
  4. The final step is to clarify the oil to ensure you receive the best product. No chemicals or heat are used in any stage of the extraction process.

This Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil arrives ready-to-use in 14 fluid ounce glass jars with metal lids.

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