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Do You Suffer with Menstrual pain?
Dealing with menstrual pain can be challenging, but here are 6 tips to help you find comfort.

6 Tips to find comfort

Hi Beautiful!

Dealing with menstrual pain can be challenging, but there are several strategies you can try to alleviate the discomfort. Here are some suggestions that may help: 

Heat Therapy

Applying heat to the lower abdomen can provide relief from cramps. You can use a heating pad with low EMF (electromagnetic frequency) if you can find one.  I have not located a heating pad with low or no EMF's. EMF is not good for the health of the reproductive system.  CLICK HERE to learn more about EMF. I suggest using a hot water bottle or taking a warm bath to help relax the muscles and alleviate pain.  CLICK HERE for a hot water bottle for cramps. 


Engaging in light physical activity or gentle exercises like walking, stretching, or pilates can help improve blood circulation and reduce cramping. Regular exercise throughout the month can also help prevent severe pain during your period.

Relaxation Techniques

Techniques such as deep breathing exercises, prayer, and massage can help relax your body and reduce stress, which in turn can alleviate menstrual pain.

Dietary Changes

Consuming a nutrient plant rich diet that includes fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds can help support your body in helping to heal the root cause of your menstrual pain.  CLICK HERE for a copy of the Foods to Avoid List.  Removing these foods will help you to overcome menstrual cramps.  

Herbal Remedies

Certain herbal remedies like ginger, cinnamon, and chamomile have been traditionally used to relieve menstrual pain. However, I created an herbal blend specifically crafted to help with alleviate menstrual pain. 15% OFF FIRST TIME ORDERS USING CODE MYFIRST15 CLICK HERE for more information. 

Stay Hydrated and Rest

Drinking plenty of water can help with overall hydration and can reduce bloating and discomfort. Additionally, getting adequate rest and sleep can contribute to better menstrual health.I hope this has been helpful to you.   

Lots of love to you and yours, 



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